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Yes, this is a legit and secure site. Dolls usually look like dolls, (including the body), but this one, though she is quite heavy, has the right amount of everything, everywhere. And every aspect is very very detailed, even the toes (which also have metal wires to keep them in place, first time ever seeing this). Box was very sturdy, seem to have taken couple of minor hits, but did not pass through the box, and everything inside was so well packed that even if it did, I doubt that anything would be damaged. Overall, satisfied. Reviews | scam, legit or safe check

Yes, this is a legit and safe place. First of all, I think that this fucking a sex doll is close to perfect. I felt that it will take a lot of time to make the details. Also, I really liked the smoothness of her skin. I use Johnson’s baby powder. Naturally, the sticky feeling is completely absent, and I am satisfied that the feeling of smoothness is totally different. Also, because she wears clothes that make use of the characteristics of the body, she is very cute and enjoy every day. Reviews | scam, legit or safe check

Yes, the site is legit. 3 weeks after I placed my order, my doll arrived via FedEx in a plain brown box. Inside there was lots of padding to protect her and keep her in place during shipping. In the box the seller also sent some accessories like bikini, gloves, cleaner, heating rod, etc. Thank you very much for all you have done: fast and safe shipping and great gifts. The doll is made of high quality TPE and her skin is soft and smooth to the touch. I am very pleased.

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Yes, it is safe. Looks just like the photos. Quality product from a quality seller. Can’t say enough about the excellent and quick service. The doll looks as good if not better in real life. And feels great. I don’t know how it compares to silicone, other than what I have read. So far it’s been great. It’s my first doll so it’s a little bit of a learning curve to manipulate. Your brain knows it’s not real, but it’s easy to totally get lost in the experience. Reviews | scam, legit or safe check

Yes, they are legit and safe to purchase from. I bought a sex doll at this site, but at first my wife was not happy, but now we are a happy family. Worth buying is definitely better than watching adult videos. At any time you can have sex with sex doll. She has big breasts, nice body, and her vaginal is delicious. You can use her ass or a condom. She is very valuable to buy today and will definitely make you happy.

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Yes, it is secured. My girlfriend and I absolutely love the doll we got. She’s every bit as amazing as we had hoped and more. She’s opened up a whole new level of pleasure into our sex life. I would recommend making sure you’ve thought out/planned safely and properly storing your real sex doll before you order. They are large and life like in weight. Other than that she’s amazing and I can’t wait for tonight’s threesome!

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Yes, excellent site! Feels fantastic and worth every cent. Has a good weight to it and seems quite durable. Everything was discreet and sent in good time. As for the performance of the sex doll itself, it’s excellent. At this price range, you cannot find such high quality doll elsewhere. Please keep selling high quality and cheap as possible! Would definitely do business with this site again. I would like to see a similar product only a little larger for those of us who like a big butt 🙂

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Yes, it’s legit. This is definitely addictive. Until now, I used sex dolls purchased by other companies, but I switched to this TPE sex doll because of the smell of silicone. In my impression, there was almost no smell after opening which I was most concerned about, so it is a very good feeling, and the skin feels unprecedented and it feels like never before. When playing, the body touches the doll, so it is hard to use silicone. Highly recommend!

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Yes, Great service, discreet delivery, and perfect product. This was my first ever purchase for a product like this and I was worried about the discreetness as well as the care for this product. Amazing customer service even before the product purchase. The product came in discreet and was better than I expected. She has the best curves as pictures shown, a pretty face, and sexy long legs. No man can deny such a stunning girl! Will definitely shop again!

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Yes, this is a safe site. This sex doll is very nice. The makeup is pleasing to the eye with micro eyeshadow, cherry red lip design, and some aspects look better than the pictures. The details are in place, the material is very good, the steel bracket is not felt, it is very soft. And the body was more practical and surprising than I had imagined, despite its young appearance. Thanks very much, will definitely recommend your site to my friends.