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Yes, the seller was very kind and supportive. When my doll arrived, I hugged her. Very real and very nice like a real person. This quality is good, the whole doll is more realistic than pictures shown, the price is very reasonable, the function is also very complete, a good treasure. She has everything I want and hope. Therefore, I praise you that you created her according to my requirements. Thank you for your craftsmanship and attentive service from ordering to delivery. Recommend!!

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Yes, fantatsic service. This is my third realistic sex doll, but it was my first purchase from this seller. It is nice to report that they have shipped a legal sex doll that fully complies with my specifications. It takes 17-18 days to ship to Los Angeles. In addition, the doll is very beautiful, just like the picture, exactly what I want. She’s very light and can be carried with one hand so bring them to the bathroom or bring them to your bedroom!

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Yes, if you are looking for an amazing quality real sex doll, this is the site for you! Not only are sex dolls great for sexual desires but they also make great companions. The service provide is amazing and the doll is super real! I am glad that I picked this website to order my sex doll. The sex doll I have received is exactly what I have ordered. I am happy with my purchase and will be ordering a second sex doll soon. Reviews | scam, legit or safe check

Yes, this is a legit and secure site. Dolls usually look like dolls, (including the body), but this one, though she is quite heavy, has the right amount of everything, everywhere. And every aspect is very very detailed, even the toes (which also have metal wires to keep them in place, first time ever seeing this). Box was very sturdy, seem to have taken couple of minor hits, but did not pass through the box, and everything inside was so well packed that even if it did, I doubt that anything would be damaged. Overall, satisfied.