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Yes, I love this site. Very much enjoy my love doll. No odor, and it looks exactly like the picture above, you can buy it with confidence! The doll has an irresistible body. The head was made carefully and the realism was amazing. Well, I must say I am very happy with my new sex doll purchase, the service was really impressive. Thank you for your great work. In the moment she is waiting me every day until I’m back home from work. review – Can you trust this vendor?

Yes, the vendor can be trusted. I ordered the 100cm doll with many custom options and functions. Wow, pics don’t do her justice. The result was better than I expected. A stunningly beautiful piece of artwork! Her breasts are incredible, and she is what we would consider a light weight doll. The head is beautiful, the green eyes are very attractive, and the mouth with tongue is always a nice feature. Definitely a great choice! This is the second doll from this site. Very satisfied!

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Yes, it’s legit. Super cute doll! Great doll for first time buyer due to low weight and easy to store size. Weight is within specs stated on the page. TPE is very soft with no odor. The customer care is very high quality, and it shows, whenever you contact the seller, they answer promptly and to the point. Package was missing 2 of the accessories that came with the order but support was very quick to have the missing products mailed and sent. Thanks!